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My Exterior Experts is focused on serving the roofing needs of Denver metro area homeowners with permanent offices and local employees in the community. Our services include: free roof inspections, free hail and wind storm damage assessments, and excellent explanations of the process and work we will do for you.

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My Exterior Experts focuses on helping restore your home to the dream you had in mind when you bought your home. Part of helping your home last is having the correct systems and products in place. Part of those systems are the gutters system.

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My Exterior Experts has 20 years of experience in dealing with all of the challenges of getting the correct windows in place. You may be considering the advantages of all the variations of windows. Our team helps you select the right application for your home.

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Colorado has all four seasons that can put your home through many extreme stresses. For example the heat of summer can cause expansion and the cold of winter can expose gaps in your home that you don’t see. We have been working in Colorado for 20 years and understand what is the best siding based off of your unique home situation.

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Do you see the potential damage on your roof?

We offer free inspections. Better to be informed than sorry.

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Jason Sloan & Exterior Experts helped me deal with my insurance company to get my roof replaced. They made sure all damaged areas were fixed including the paint & gutters. They also dealt with my mortgage company which helped speed the process along.

Annette S.

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